Can Your Pocket Depth Finance Your Nuptials

Returning home from a honeymoon means getting back to reality. For many newlyweds, getting back to reality doesn’t just mean going back to work — it means staring down post-wedding debt.
The process of getting married is a beautiful and an eventful moment to remember. However with social media awash with couples trying to outdo one another on whose ceremony was more colorful , posh, decorated and or hosted at one of those high-end exotic venues with honeymoon getaways to Ibiza and Florence, many a prospective bride-to-be or groom-to-be live in constant fear of that supposedly big day. But it should never be at a cost which a couple is unable to handle. The last thing a couple would want after the ceremony, are sleepless nights that come after due to the heavy credit card debts of which they are unable to handle. Or even the expectations of ‘sharing’ your spouse with hungry tigers and cougars that contributed in giving you a new status.
In a survey of more than 30,000 people, Emory University economics professors Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon found that, when it comes to weddings, spending more means splitting sooner. Addressing the “why” behind this phenomenon, the researchers said that it could simply be that financial burden creates tension in marriages. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are. Arguments about money happen at all income levels, and they take couples much longer to get over than other issues. Debt stress can increase the likelihood of money-related arguments, and arguments about money are the number one predictor of divorce.
So if it’s longevity you’re after in a marriage, it may be in your best interest to watch your budget – and borrow a leaf from this beautiful wedding.

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