Just How Intelligent is Ben Carson


You’ve got to feel sorry for brain surgeons, condemned to watch the historically digressive Dr. Ben Carson debasing their profession, and single-handedly condemning the phrase “It’s not brain surgery” to the dustbin of history. If you have been listening to Carson talk, it may have hit you that even the moronic Trump sometimes makes more sense than the man who some of us grew up idolising.

Carson has made people reconsider using the term “brain surgeon” as a metaphor for an intelligent person. He is busy driving rationalists to a point of thinking that he is a deep plot by Trump to make him (Trump) sound rational. He’s made others to question his sanity some even suggesting that he should take a look at his own brain. He’s made other people to make a mockery of the Bible with one Guardian commentator writing on their timeline: How a man so evidently educated can think The Bible to be factually correct obviously has some kind of major malfunction.


Due to his utterances I have come across some posts that are trying to vindicate their stand as per Carson’s allegiance. For example, one political analyst called Metta Bavanna wrote, “Don’t blame brain surgeons. Carson’s medical training has nothing to do with the stupid things he says and does. Ben Carson is an idiot all by himself. But he didn’t make up his weird beliefs alone. His views reflect the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Christian fundamentalist sect.” Now you see! SDA has been referred to as a sect! A sect whose fundamentals are so conservatively archaic that Carson’s arguments can be said to be archaeological at best because of his beliefs.

America is a kind of special. Look, they have Bernie Sanders who believes that cervical cancer is caused by a lack of intimacy. Hillary Clinton claims she took sniper fire in Kosovo (grab me that weed she’s smoking. I need a puff too). In my short lifetime, I’ve learned to never confuse education with intelligence. But whether he is fit to be the next President or not, America has been run by quite a large number of idiots as Presidents.

But for all of Carson’s remarks he remains to be one of the best brain surgeons, if not the best. Hello! How many of them run for president and do well in the polls. So to all the critics, can we stop the hate idiots. Or we expected Republicans with Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, JEB Bush et al to do any better?


In an opinionated world, I will cast some doubt on all these assertions, though. Is the media out to get this man because of his rising popularity in the polls? Or do they hate strong Christians? Is the media all but a bunch of scared racists who idolize marxists while infantilizing a self-made man, especially when that man is a minority?

Maybe, we’ll not get to the bottom of this.


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