Politics, economy, entertainment, media, nations, leaders, world events, wars, and even weather – it’s all window dressing for the matrix. By beleving in this false reality, allowing your thoughts and energy to be consumed by the daily grind of survival, the endless trivia and lies, you make it your cage.

Humans feed thier belief and emotion into the system, the matrix, and this energy is harvested by the parasites. They are farming humanity, and they’ve been at it for a very long time.


That’s why they’re putting on this show, all of these reptilian actors, to draw us into creating their reality, to limit our consciousness-awareness to the smallest of boxes and manipulate our thoughts and emotions through various beleif systems and contrived events.

You will be free once you stop believing in it and giving it your energy. Ignorance and fear are the only things that can keep us imprisoned.



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