Anne Waiguru must stay in office, not because she is innocent or had no direct involvement but because she must. Her competence should never be in doubt. She is at the very heart of Jubilee’s most and perhaps only successful project thus far – Huduma Kenya


The centralization of government services was a milestone achievement for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto. The people today can conveniently access most government services in their nearest towns. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Anne’s dedication and meticulous execution of this novel service.

Today, there’s been an admission of pilferage at the NYS and emerging claims of profligate spending at the Devolution Ministry but I would not wish to pin this one on Madam Waiguru for it is a deeper problem, one that runs from the very top through to the nethermost trenches of our society.

Corruption has been entrenched, almost institutionalized, in our nation. The President during his State of the  Nation address asked several government officials to step aside for being implicated in corrupt dealings. Seven months down the line, there has been no prosecution or recovery of looted assets. The fight on corruption has degenerated into a talking shop – a lot of mudslinging and accusations flying left, right and center but no real solutions to the problem. Is this our nation’s curse? A cancer so acute that even nations on the verge of disintegration can call us out for our propensity to grand theft!


Mr President, our nation is at the mercy of “tenderpreneurs”, people who are not strangers but well known to us. They are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, leaders, citizens of this nation. They will do anything to land a government contract because of a solitary reason – once you have that LPO, the government is at your mercy, they will have to pay!

Recently, you directed that 30% of all government tenders be given to youth and women, that has improved the lives of many but it has also conceived yet another problem.

There are countless companies on the roll at the Registrar of Societies who have all the legal papers to transact but they have no offices, no history of tax remittance, nada! Their applications continue to fill in-trays for various tenders and to the surprise of many, they actually get contracts. Stationery is today being supplied at inflated prices, meaningless trips and out of office engagement claims are being made by government officials and all this is happening unchecked.

Let me cut the chase and out with it already, we are all guilty of wrongful deeds! We have directly or indirectly contributed to the situation.

It is time Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto did the unthinkable, centralize government procurement.
Let every institution write down it’s shopping list and have the items sourced from individuals who are willing to supply them at prevailing market rate. Let the shopping items be vetted against inventory, is there something listed for replacement yet it can be repaired? Is there need for all the listed items?


In doing this, the devil shall be ashamed, the faceless directors behind virtual companies that bleed this nation dry shall be known and these middlemen who overrun our society shall have to find something better to do with themselves.

But ideally this is impossible because Government is not just the President but many invisible faces lurking behind dark-tint glass offices in high-end Nairobi.

C’mon, in this society two wrongs make a right and you will concur with me when it will be your turn to eat. In my village they say ‘Omonto nigo akoragera ase agokorera’ – You eat where you work. Let Waiguru eat. And if she’s eaten what you think is yours, go sue her.

Tiga oboriri.


I rest my case.

Adopted from C.O.G.


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