Serena Williams is one of the GOATs


For the most part of the 21st century, Serena Williams has been winning slams and destroying all challengers for the past sixteen years. She’s one of the only players to dominate singles and doubles in the modern era. And when I say dominate, I mean dominate. When Serena is playing her best, there is no woman in the world who can beat her.

Serena is the only active player to win a grand slam title in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Serena has been on top of the game longer than any woman or singles player male or female. Serena turned pro in 1995 at the age of 14.


Since childhood, the confidence of Williams’ and her sister, Venus, has been a target. Williams’ detractors want her to apologize for being great because they know that the tradition would have it so that she is not part of the conversation at all, much less to be a player who dominates so handily. Once a sport for the advantaged white middle class, it must now crown the braided and beaded brown girl from Compton its queen. Watching Serena win, watching her blast a tennis ball cross-court at 118 mph and send her detractors scrambling, well, it’s is like watching a match against racism.



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