Do our leaders, whether at National, County or Student level think about our people, the electorate? Where we can get 13 helicopters to go view concrete slabs in Tsavo and no helicopter to fly Recce to go rescue 147 young lives? Where my parents have gone for one week without power  in the rural area yet KPLC talks of Ksh.15,000 connection fee? Where property all over Nairobi is being built over river banks yet no one raises a finger? Where a matatu is branded in military colours yet drives past police stations along Langata road and even past a barrack all the way to Rongai and back? Where a needy comrade struggles to make ends meet and even secure accommodation when ‘Generals’ have several rooms to boot? image Sadly, that’s why we’ll continue wallowing in a miasma of poverty and weakening economies as an emergent class of elites driven by selfish ambition milks dry our foreign-funded coffers. That’s why the Kenyan Shilling will lose value by more than 15% in a month yet we are aiming at staking claim of being the giant of Eastern African economies unaware of Ethiopia’s silent trudge (or is it leap? That is up to individual assessment!) up the ladder to join North African nations as the driving seat of Africa and the antithesis to Africa being a dark Continent. image Feelings of inadequacy will continue making ours a volatile investment destination vulnerable to unpredictable upheavals of politically and socially instigated topsy turvy. High birth rates than our stunted job-creating environment can sustain. More graduates than the job market can absorb. Huge wage bills than our Budget can handle. Several political demarcations than our geographical sizes warrant just to get more of the elite in power at the expense of the poor folk that make up over 90% of the African population. image Too bad talk doesn’t cook rice and mine is just but empty banter!


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