I have read lots of articles written by careless heartbroken ladies name calling the same men they could die for when the steamy in-love sessions were pitching to some crescendo of lust. These ladies end up with crude conclusions that never come to see the break of dawn. I’ll never love a man again. Men are dogs. Christians should wait till marriage to have it (sex). No late night chats or calls. Phew!

I don’t subscribe to such a school of thought, even if I could have been born a lady.

Don’t deny a man the cookie because you want to marry him; but because you value yourself and know that sex has its right place and time.

Don’t avoid intimacy because it’s anti-Christlike; but because you have made it a reserve for your marriage life.

All in all, whining that the man you lost is a boy doesn’t make you stand a better chance of meeting the elusive Mr Right, but susceptible to land another TeamMafisi wolf in sheepskin.

All men are prone to temptations. More so when it comes to money and sex. If you don’t find the perfect mate, make one out of that defective partner you are seeing.


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