The Nairobi girl is an interesting specimen, as Clay Muganda likes to put it. These days, there is too little femininity and too much red lipstick (I intentionally avoid to mention other types of makeup because they bother me less) on women’s faces. There is too much fakeness defining women these days, and no, I don’t want to control how they present themselves but rather express my free opinion concerning what I see. Talking of red lipstick, what is the principle aim of it being flaunted around and about by almost all ladies, notwithstanding their skin tone? They say red lipstick makes ladies look seductive, which is fine with me. But everyday life isn’t about being seduced! If you ask me, the hallmark of red lipstick is pure, raw, wet, unadulterated seduction. Now imagine an equally equivalent man (#TeamMafisi) walking through the streets of Sin City………!!! I am no “Africanist”, hypocritical pot-bellied retard. On the contrary, I am merely a man from ‘rural-urban-boom’ being blasted left, right and centre by the reality that a woman is not what she appears to be. The technologies of the beauty industry have elevated the median standard of beauty so significantly that when one travels from the city to the countryside, it is not difficult to observe that there is a disproportionate number of ‘beautiful’ women between the two places. There is this advert of ‘I am Dark and Lovely’ yet the lady doing it is nothing close to being dark. Alek Wek, Ajuma and Lupita could have made the representative sample for dark but that goes a mile to show you how skewed the perception of beauty and being black is. An American lady friend was in culture shock walking in the streets of Nairobi. She felt she was extremely underdressed (apparently, make up is worn just like clothing!) and she felt that the girls here are trying too hard: walking all day in heels, excessive makeup, artificial hair, nails, eyelashes, eyebrows – it’s a bit much. We go the whole nine yards apparently when we ape shit we see on media and end up doing it better than the Westerners. Makeup is just light fun and very attractive when done right. A girl can choose to be fresh-faced and demure one day, or sexy and sultry another – it is up to her. It is fun playing about with your image, how you and others perceive you and accentuating your outfit. People like me will always preen in some way about realness or fakeness. With all these fake hair, fake faces, fake posterior and anterior antennas, fake characters and personalities, do ladies still want to find a real man? However, I am not speaking for men. I won’t be surprised by the stuff that tickles different men’s priapic drives! As the lie goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Telling the beholders’ eyes and those of society apart is strenuous and borders on the limits of impossibility. diane-von-furstenberg-beauty red1 red-lipstick-dark-skin-4 To have a culture shock in your own country is criminal, and yes, I should be in jail already with a whole horde of men out there – men who are not in a position to air their opinion because they will heartbreak their girlfriends or female peers. But is it asking too much to see your face? Or you don’t believe that without makeup you are beautiful? I know some guys feel really cheated when they get home with a “hot” catch then half of her comes off….. from corsets, extra padded bras, Brazilian (or is it Peruvian?) extra long weaves, eyelashes, eyebrows, lipstick and other facial ointments. This feature is derived from a friend’s thread. http://about.me/chadbironga


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