I-Think-I-Just-Ruined-A-Peaceful-Moment-XD-bluepenguin-21186683-2170-1698 undisturbedThere is a moment in time
Filled with hope and wonder
Carved in mystery and shrouded in fear

There is a moment so precious
Some men beg, others plead,
And fools watch, choosing flight,
Rather than embrace and cry joy full of tears.

Are we mad with fright?
An illusion in plain site?
There is a moment like none other,
We hear from priests, monks.

Our fathers, their fathers and God,
Or whomever is music to your ears
When we drop to our knees, bow down or submit,
Clutch our chests or raise our hands toward the heavens,
A mock sense of fulfillment,
Yet these are the moments we hold so dear

There is a moment so worthy,
We spend our lives crying and laughing,
Singing and breathing and feeling
Longing, touching and wanting it to be real.

There is a moment so precious,
Few have known they were in it,
Even when all signs pointed toward solace
And the feel of cool drops from a waterfall so pure,
Our souls it did heal
Mine is a snapshot, of twenty years.
Times filled with joy, sadness and fear,
Questions of friends, family and self,
But never so boastful, to question God Almighty himself.

There is a moment when the sun does set,
While I watch the sky fade from blue to blackish gray,
A moment without gloom,
But a realization, as each day passes,
A set time to do all you are meant to do.

There is a value to life,
No matter what a person states they believe
If we meet as strangers,
We should depart fulfilled.
If each shares their known value,
We grow together,
And beat back the rise of mongers’ cheers

Peace is the Moment
where time probably stands still
For some, peace comes quickly.
A first kiss, a first love
Or the first comprehension of mortality,
Allowing desire to rise deep from within.

Peace is the Moment that we let slip away.
A dream, a vision unexplained,
Yet undeniably it was Peace in the sky,
We saw on that day.
Closing our eyes,
Causing no affect.

But peace as a moment,
Shall find us in the end.
It shall bind us and rule us
And become our closest friend.
It will consume us, and bloom within us conquering demons that dare try to fool us.

Peace is the moment, I pray,
The last to engulf us and uphold us,
And be the moment that keeps world war at bay.


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