The mirror is a true reflection of what is in existence – what is a reality! How does one get to know of any flaws that he/she has if by avoiding to reflect on what has come to be or is impending, happens to be his biggest single bottleneck? Life is a lesson, and apparently, rather weirdly so, the teacher. We don’t have an experimental life to prepare us for the harsh reality as the common catchy phrase You Only Live Once (YOLO) blatantly makes it clear for all and sundry to take it in. I’ve previously seen some people vilify YOLOists as being naïve and enshrouded in a miasma of folly though such an ascription should only count if one is partaking in acts that don’t make him as a person but rather predispose him precariously to be subject to life’s stormy waves. It’s upon oneself to ponder on the consequences and repercussions so commonly associated with leading a carefree-attitude lifestyle. For instance, what does one stand to gain by instigating and inciting a peace-loving population to conform to a world that embraces ethnical differences and political topsy turvy and make them root for violence, unrest and other forms of chaotic upheavals that derail development and economic growth? We need to look before we leap. Let us learn from the past where a nation has had to incur insurmountable losses all in the name of political loyalty and cronism and clinging to power even when one has been outrightly ousted by a public baying for a revolution. Where change is not only an inevitability but one that exemplifies a nation on the go to curve itself a niche as being development-minded, we should avoid greed-driven leaders sleeping on their laurels and out to prey on poor taxpayers’s money.